Ready for a six-hour race in Germany

This weekend, Mikkel O. Pedersen resumes the battle for this year’s GT World Challenge Europe. After taking home the third place in the premiere at the Imola track in Italy with Andrea Rizzoli and Adrien de Leener at the end of July, it is now time for another Formula 1 track. This time the German Nürburgring.

Foto: Mads Krabbe
Foto: Mads Krabbe.

“Imola was a completely new and unknown track for me, but not the Nürburgring,” says the race driver from Struer. “I had a test day with my team Dinamic Motorsport on the track, and even though it is now two months ago, it is good to have going in.”

“Nürburgering is a fun course. I have never run a race there, but it did not take long before I got to know it during the test. There are some rapid obstacles, and as we drive a Porsche 911 GT3-R, which has a lot of downforce, it gets even faster. ”

When GT World Challenge Europe opened on the Imola track, Mikkel O. Pedersen and his two teammates were less than five seconds away from taking the Silver Cup victory in the three-hour race.

“Last time we spent too much time in the pit, so it is our goal that this time we should have fast pit stops. Out on the field, I feel that we are following good with the rest, ”says Mikkel O. Pedersen. And the pit stops become important. “The race at Imola lasted three hours, so we had two pitstops, but this time we have to drive six hours, so we probably end up having to have five or six pitstops. However, it all depends on how things go. Whether there will be a safety car and what happens, but of course we would prefer to have as few pit stops as possible. ”

Mikkel O. Pedersen has not been behind the wheel of Dinamic Motorsport’s Porsche 911 GT3-R since the Imola race at the end of July. Still, he has kept himself in shape. Not just with physical training in general, but also with driving training.

“It is harder to drive in the R model than in the cup car I have driven before, so I have spent a lot of time training in go-karting,” he says. “I have chosen a gear map. On the one hand, it is one of the fastest types of go-karts, and on the other hand, the many gear changes require that you constantly react and be ready. ”

Sunday’s championship section of the GT World Challenge Europe starts on Sunday at 11.45, ends at 17.45 and can be followed live at www.gt-world-challenge-europe.com/watch-live.