Costly mistake by team mate

On Sunday, Mikkel O. Pedersen participated in this year’s second division of the GT World Challenge Europe at the Nürburgring in Germany, but in contrast to the season premiere at the Imola track in Italy, which turned into a third place for the Struer driver and his two teammates Andrea Rizzoli and Adrien De Leener, this time he did not come home with any trophy.

“In the first part of the race it went quite well for the three of us,” says Mikkel O. Pedersen. “We had driven the car up to a fourth place in the class – the Silver Cup – and were around the twentieth place in general. After a pit stop in the middle of the race, Andrea gets in the car and he, unfortunately, ends up lying right behind a Lamborghini. When you get in the dense slip current, it affects the aerodynamics, and the Porsche then lacked from the effect. Eventually, Andrea tried an overtaking attempt, but he slowed down so late that he, unfortunately, ended up hitting the Lamborghini and spun out into the sandbox. ”

“We were not finished, but it was now completely out of the question that we could get on the podium. Our Porsche eventually came out of the sandbox, but we had added two laps compared to the best in the class. You can’t just catch up with them. ”

However, the race had to be completed and there were more than two hours left of the six-hour race. In the last hour of the race, it was Mikkel O. Pedersen who sat behind the wheel of the orange and black Porsche from Dinamic Motorsport.

“Gravel had come everywhere in the car, and it might have affected the cooling of the brakes. I tried everything I could, but it did not help. I had to slow down a little earlier, so it became a bit of a long stint in the end, ”he says. “But our engineers were happy with my efforts. I was told several times over the radio that I was the fastest silver rider on the track. I got good driving time in the car and this time our pitstops worked as they should. It was a problem last time, and then it was annoying that this time it was a stupid mistake that set us back. ”

The next section of the GT World Challenge Europe will be the legendary 24-hour race at the Spa-Francorchamps track in Belgium. It is driven in the last weekend of October, but already next weekend is Mikkel O. Pedersen again behind the wheel of a race car. “On Friday and Saturday, we will run the next two divisions of the Danish Endurance Championship at Padborg Park,” he says. “The last three races were run this weekend at Jyllandsringen. I could not be present, but fortunately my teammate Gustav Birch did well, and we are still leading the championship. ”